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William Morse

William Morse

William Morse (right) poses with Doctor (left), as they lean again a medical examination bed.

There’s no denying it… I am a self-proclaimed gym rat. I exercise twice a day, every day, around my work schedule. Lifting weights is my absolute favorite thing to do. I put my entire heart and soul into body building.

One day however, something was different. I felt a familiar tug in my chest after working out. I knew from past experience that something was wrong.

Nearly 30 years ago, I had a heart attack. I underwent by-pass surgery six years later due to five blocked arteries. That is why I knew to take the symptoms of heart palpitations and difficulty catching my breath after working out very seriously. I had been healthy ever since these past procedures and dedicated to my exercise regimen, so these warning signs were surprising.

I visited my primary care physician right away and he recommended I see Dr. Henry Cusnir, an interventional cardiologist on the medical staff at Florida Medical Center. From the moment I met him, I felt really comfortable with him. I had a complete cardiology work-up and the results caught me off guard.

Despite my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Cusnir diagnosed me with coronary artery disease which required a coronary catheterization. In the past, my condition would have required open heart surgery.

Dr. Cusnir instead recommended an innovative, less invasive procedure that would allow me to have an easier recovery and shorter hospitalization. This could be done with a new technology at Florida Medical Center called the Diamondback 360. I was actually the first patient in all of Broward County to benefit from this equipment.

After the procedure, I felt surprisingly good. In fact, I was able to go home the very next day. Two days after the surgery I was cleared to be back in the gym working out my upper body. Four days after surgery I was back at work and feeling great!

I am very appreciative to have benefited from a physician and a hospital who are both committed to ensuring patients like me have access to the latest technology for treatment of a cardiac condition like mine.

Thank you Dr. Cusnir and the caring staff at Florida Medical Center for helping me continue to run, lift and bench press my way through life. I am 71, but I look and feel 20 years younger! As I often think to myself while lifting weights, “The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow.”

This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. Each case must be independently evaluated and managed.

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