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About three years ago, I experienced a burning sensation in my esophagus. I thought it was acid reflux, but over the next day the pain worsened. I contacted my primary care physician, who gave me Prilosec to treat the condition, but it did not help and the burning continued to worsen.

I went to a cardiologist who made an appointment to have an ultrasound and stress test done the next week. However, the pain was unbearable and the burning made it hard for me to sleep. I called Good Samaritan Medical Center and within five minutes of the call I was told to come to the hospital where I was seen immediately.

After my ultrasound was completed, the doctor came and reviewed it with me. He also discussed my family’s history of heart disease. The ultrasound showed blockages around the heart and he told me it was important that I have a heart catheterization done immediately.

He explained to me in detail what the procedure entailed. I signed the consent, a nurse came in and I was brought into the operating room. The doctor talked to me during the entire procedure. He explained that stents are not required unless the blockage is 70% or more. However, I had two blockages that were 90% and I needed the stents immediately.

After the procedure, I was taken to the recovery room where I received great care from the hospital’s staff; I’ve never received so much attention in my life. A nurse stayed with me all night since I had some bleeding from the site. The next morning, specific instructions were given, a follow-up appointment was made and I was allowed to return home.

I thank the staff and doctor at Good Sam for saving my life. I cannot say enough about the wonderful and professional staff at Good Sam and I would recommend them to everyone.

This testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. Each case must be independently evaluated and managed.

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