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On-Site Medical Clinics  

 On-site Medical Clinics

Health & Wellness by Tenet provides convenient access to medical care via our on-site medical clinics. This means employees won’t have to leave work in order to visit the doctor. They can obtain immunizations, physicals, consult about health concerns, and receive wellness and prevention information all in one location. A physician will address chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and other concerns. In addition to this wide range of health and wellness services, employees can take comfort that the privacy of their healthcare records will be guaranteed


  • First Ail Administration
  • Immunizations & Vaccinations
  • Disease Management
  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Acute Symptom Treatment
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Cold & Flu
  • Ear, Throat & Sinus Infections
  • Health Risk Analysis
  • Physician Referrals


  • May reduce medical claims
  • Can Give employers better control over healthcare costs
  • May decrease employee sick days
  • Can help increase employee productivity
  • More convenience for employees
  • Can help increase employee saving by treating minor illnesses/injuries on-site
  • Continuing to develop a reputation as an employer of choice


Doctor smiling towards the camera in the operating room

“This area has been chronically underserved with premier surgical care for oncology,” Dr. Legaspi says. “I saw this as a great opportunity to create a world class center in an area that really deserves world class surgical care.”

Dr. Adrian Legaspi, surgical oncology center, Palmetto General Hospital

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