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Important Cost Savings

We Want to Prevent Over-utilization
Oftentimes in Workers’ Compensation cases, medical care isn’t well monitored or coordinated. When there isn’t a reasonable treatment plan in place, there could be negative outcomes for both the company and the worker. Plus, the indirect costs of an employee’s injury can grow much larger than those of the original claim. These expenses can include decreased productivity; increased hiring and training costs; higher overtime expenses; increased legal costs; lowered morale, and loss of business and customer goodwill. The costs to the injured worker could be even higher. Our goal is to take a proactive approach to care, providing the checks and balances necessary to ensure that each patient’s situation is monitored carefully. When employees return to work quickly, medical costs often go down.

No Necessity for Bill Reviews
Our goal is the same as yours—to treat your employees and get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Flexible Rate Plans
We can provide customized rate plans when your employee heads to the ER.


Doctor smiling towards the camera in the operating room

“This area has been chronically underserved with premier surgical care for oncology,” Dr. Legaspi says. “I saw this as a great opportunity to create a world class center in an area that really deserves world class surgical care.”

Dr. Adrian Legaspi, surgical oncology center, Palmetto General Hospital

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