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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between seeing you and my own physician? There are three key differences between Tenet’s Executive Wellness and seeing your primary care physician. The first difference is detail. We supplement your physician’s services with comprehensive disease detection screenings, lifestyle evaluation and education, and a blueprint for long-term health maintenance. Second, your time and convenience. The variety of tests that we do in one day can save you time and prevent you from having to traveling to multiple facilities over a period of weeks. Third, you have plenty of quality one-on-one time with each physician on your examination team to ask questions, discuss your results and fully understand your health.

Do I need a referral from my doctor? No, referrals are not required.

How is Tenet Executive Health Examination different from my routine physical? Our Executive Health Examination is one of the most comprehensive examinations of its kind. You’ll be provided with the current and predicted state of your health, and a specific strategy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all from a focused team of world-class Tenet physicians and health care experts. You’ll also receive immediate access to the superior diagnostic services and quality care that have made Tenet one of the most trusted names in health care.

What level of confidentiality is maintained through the Tenet Executive Health Examination process? We respect your privacy and each of our hospitals and physician practices maintains compliance with the federal HIPPA guidelines regarding confidentiality. Your results are sent directly to you from your physician. If you request, your results can also be sent to your primary care physician.

Why not just perform a full body scan? There is no single screening tool that can do the whole job of early disease detection. The scans with recognized value are the CT Scans for coronorary scoring, low-dose lung screening and bone densitometry. These tests can detect problems at their earliest onset. Our Executive Health Exam can include these scans, but it’s based upon a much more far-reaching combination of proven screening technologies coupled with diagnoses by the appropriate specialists and their peers.

Is your exam the same for women as for men? Yes, except for tests applying only to women and those specifically for men. Our program is equally thorough for both men and women in its search for underlying health problems. Naturally, there are some screenings and tests that only apply to women or men.

What happens during the exam? First, you’ll consult with our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Then, you’ll have individualized lifestyle consultations with our specialists in clinical psychology, exercise physiology, mind/body therapies and nutrition. Or:

  1. Complete Medical History
  2. Appointment (24 hours)
  3. Follow-up

How long will it take? In most cases your exam will take one day. Depending on the testing deemed appropriate for your unique risk factors, the exam could take longer.

How soon will I get the results? You’ll know some results before you leave, and all results and recommendations within 48 hours. Soon thereafter you’ll receive a detailed written report.

What happens if you find something? Your Executive Health physician will let you know promptly and will discuss the recommended follow-up care with you. If you wish, we can refer you to recommended specialists within our Tenet network throughout Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties.

How often should I come back? We recommend that you return for a follow up appointment once a year after your first visit. Your follow-up visits repeat only the tests needed for your age, gender, risk factors and results from your previous exam, and they usually take only half a day.


Doctor smiling towards the camera in the operating room

“This area has been chronically underserved with premier surgical care for oncology,” Dr. Legaspi says. “I saw this as a great opportunity to create a world class center in an area that really deserves world class surgical care.”

Dr. Adrian Legaspi, surgical oncology center, Palmetto General Hospital

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