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Does a Miracle Cure Exist for Migraines?

Does a Miracle Cure Exist for Migraines?

There is a recent trend taking the internet by storm as the ABC Channel 25 news team reported which involves a cure for migraines. This miracle cure is a piercing that targets a specific acupressure point that many claim to help cure all symptoms of a migraine. While this “miracle cure” appears to be a rapidly growing trend, it is not recommended by medical professionals.

The news team interviewed various individuals who suffered from debilitating migraines and have decided to undergo receiving this new piercing in the hopes that it will help to cure their symptoms. According to the World Health Organization, over 60 million Americans battle headache disorders and two-thirds of them are women. The acupressure point that is targeted with the piercing is believed by many to cure or relieve symptoms of migraines.

The news team interviewed Acupuncturist Dr. Ken Grey who states that this type of piercing acts as a sort of Band-Aid and does not truly treat the migraines. Patients would come to him claiming that, “the results were not long lasting.”

The news team also interviewed Dr. Jennifer Buczyner, Neurologist with the Advanced Neuroscience Network who also does not recommend the piercing as those receiving it may cause them to experience the placebo effect. Dr. Buczyner went on to share with the news team that, “when an individual experiences a migraine, there are pathways that are activated, so from a neurologist standpoint putting something in the ear would in no way have any impact on something that happens deep inside the brain.” The pathways that Dr. Buczyner were referring to are 4 inches within the brain.

As always before choosing any treatment, it is important to consult a health professional to determine to the true cause of the problem and if there are any treatment methods available to assist with any pain or discomfort you are feeling.

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