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Support Groups

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Ongoing Patient Support

Cardiac care is a dynamic field. To promote cardiac health, individuals benefit by staying abreast of the latest news and information available and by becoming involved in ongoing, local support and education programs that promote heart health.

Mended Hearts

It’s inspiring for people with heart problems to see a healthy Mended Heart. Just being there, the Mended Heart gives the added strength the patient needs to overcome many doubts and fears. Families of patients need a very special kind of help, too!

About Mended Hearts

The Mended Hearts, Inc. has carefully trained visitors among its members. All Accredited Visitors must have special training and courses in the proper techniques for visiting. They strive to answer questions and give moral support to patients. They also give encouragement to the families of such patients.*

The Mended Hearts, Inc. conducts and assists in research programs designed to benefit heart disease patients. This unique organization has been able to furnish statistics and information pertaining to cardiac patients through the experiences of it’s members.

It is the organization’s desire to contribute to the well being of heart patients through personal knowledge of the effectiveness of strict attention for physician’s instructions.

Mended Hearts are confident of the ability of many heart patients to lead active, useful lives. They have worked to remove barriers to gainful employment for individuals recovering from heart disease.

Mended Hearts doesn’t raise funds for patients but it serves as a referral service for various groups like the American College of Cardiology, Visiting Nurse Service, Visiting Homemakers, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and others.

The Mended Hearts, Inc. is aligned with and endorsed by the American College of Cardiology and its affiliates. The national offices of The Mended Hearts, Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. They are two distinct and separate organizations. However, all members are urged to cooperate fully with the annual Heart Fund Drive campaign. Many Mended Hearts also aid the American College of Cardiology in various voluntary capacities.

Helping others is what it’s all about! Having received a very special kind of help, Mended Hearts urges all who may need their unique service to communicate with the organization.

Attend a Meeting

Our chapter meets the 2nd Sunday of every month (except during July and August) at 1:00pm in the auditorium of Florida Medical Center. For more information, call Robert Klein, President of Chapter 60, at 954-999-3721.


Fort Lauderdale Chapter #60

PO Box 17154 | Plantation, FL 33318



Heart to Heart Club 

The Heart to Heart Club is unique for many reasons. One reason being the Club was established by a small group of cardiac patients who wanted to provide support and wisdom to other patients.

They discovered being able to talk to one another provided them the opportunity to relieve stress by turning confusion into knowledge; as well as eliminating the sense of isolation.

This small group of cardiac patients started what is known today as the Heart to Heart Club, sponsored by Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. The club, led by President Terry Brady, has grown into a 100 plus membership.

Terry himself is a survivor of heart disease. “I worked as a New York City ambulance driver in the 1960’s, so I recognized that some of my symptoms could be a sign of a cardiac issue. Three weeks after my Mediterranean cruise, I became an open-heart surgery survivor. I didn’t have much choice because the main artery on my left side was 95 percent blocked.”

Terry is doing well now and decided to become President for this supportive, informal group that would meet periodically to help each other with their recovery. Needless to say, Heart to Heart Club was introduced to Palm Beach Gardens and has impacted many people’s lives, providing immense support to the community.

Claudia Escobedo, Director of Cardiopulmonary & Rehab Services, said the club offers psychosocial care to cardiac rehab patients – something her team sees first hand every day. “At the Outpatient Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, our program is designed for people recovering from various cardiac conditions such as a heart attack, coronary bypass or valve surgery.

Our team of cardiac nurses strives to provide the clinical and physical recovery aspects of each patient, but patients also deserve the emotional support that the Heart to Heart Club provides. As a team, we work together to provide these psychological needs to our cardiac patients.”

The Heart to Heart Club meets on the second Tuesday of every month (October through May) at the First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall (717 Prosperity Farms Road, North Palm Beach) at 6:15 pm. During these meetings, informative lectures are given regarding heart disease from PBGMC physicians, nurses, and other pertinent team members.

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