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Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine

Our interactive tools offer information and resources covering neurological conditions, tests, treatments and more.

Quizzes and Tests

Alzheimer’s Disease Quiz
Find out more about this degenerative disease of the brain by taking this quiz.

Headaches Quiz
When you get a headache, it’s not the bones of the skull or the brain itself that’s hurting. The pain comes from pain-sensitive nerves located near the muscles and blood vessels of the face, neck and scalp. Find out more about headaches by taking this quiz.

Parkinson’s Disease Quiz
This illness has existed for thousands of years. Learn more about Parkinson’s disease by taking this quiz.

Seizure Quiz
A seizure is an uncontrolled electrical discharge from brain cells that causes mental or physical symptoms. Epilepsy is a group of chronic conditions in which a person has unprovoked recurring seizures. Find out more about epilepsy and seizures by taking this quiz.

Sleep Apnea Quiz
When your sleep is upset throughout the night, you can be very sleepy during the day. Maybe you have sleep apnea.

Sleep Quiz
A good night’s sleep—everyone needs it, but not everyone gets it. We stay up late and get up early, and then wonder why we always feel tired. Why is sleep important? See how much you know about snoozing by taking this quiz.

Sleep: Test Your Knowledge
Why is sleep important? See how much you know about snoozing by taking this quiz.

Stroke: Test Your Knowledge
True or false: There’s no way of predicting if or when someone will have a stroke.

Stroke Quiz
Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in this country and a leading cause of disability.


Endovascular Coiling Podcast
Endovascular coiling is a procedure performed to block blood flow into a brain aneurysm, a weakened area in the wall of an artery.

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