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NeuroBlate System for MRI Guided Ablation

The Advanced Neuroscience Network is proud to offer the The NeuroBlate System by Monteris Medical which enables our doctors to provide MRI-guided neurosurgical ablation. What makes the NeuroBlate unique is that it is the only system that monitors ablation contours in 3-Dimensions and provides the surgeon to make real time decisions while operating on a patient.

The NeuroBlate System utilizes a specially developed fiber-optic probe that is capable of targeting certain portions of tissue in which the ablation procedure will occur. What makes this technology stand out is that it has the ability to perform procedures on patients that had one been told were “inoperable”. Through the use of extreme heat, it allows for surgeons to remove diseased cells and allow for healthy cells to stay intact. Also, due to the minimally invasive nature, blood loss may be reduced during surgery and the surgical site can be closed with a small suture.

The NeuroBlate System utilizes existing MRI scanner and combines that with hardware and software to direct the probe to the desired area for surgery. With the ability to monitor in real time, the surgeon can monitor while administering the dose of heat to the diseased area. As the dosage is administered, the MRI scanner measures the heat that is being directed at the target area.  

With the ability to provide minimally invasive neurosurgical ablation, we hope to give patients more treatment options when providing neurosurgical care.

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