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Interventional Neurology

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Neurointerventional medicine is a revolutionary approach in treating strokes, aneurysms, and neurovascular diseases of the brain and spine. Using catheters and coiling technology, our interventional neurologists are able to perform these minimally invasive and potentially life-saving procedures.

Standard treatment of acute ischemic stroke includes the use of IV tPA (intravenous tissue plasminogen activator), which must be administered within three hours of stroke onset and only after ruling out hemorrhagic stroke. Until recent years, there was no hope for patients who presented outside the three-hour window.

Now, when the 3-hour treatment window has expired, our interventional neurologists are able to use the latest in neurointerventional equipment to perform minimally-invasive surgery to remove the blood clot.
These procedures are performed under the guidance of advanced X-ray monitors. Recent advances in imaging capabilities enable our highly-trained interventional neurologists to treat blocked arteries of the brain by removing, breaking-up, or even sucking out the blood clot.

Our facilities have invested millions of dollars in the latest neurointerventional equipment and devices. With the assistance of this equipment, our physicians help save the lives of patients and allow them to return to a normal life, in some cases, before the stroke has disabled them.

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